MEANING MACHINE aspires to merge simple, captivating melodies with complex sonic backdrops. Flourishing with emotional builds and surprising shifts in character, the music of Meaning Machine constantly catches the ear with a sound that is both intricate and cinematic.


FJØRA FJØRA is Alexandra Petkovski. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Alex grew up surrounded by music. A classically-trained pianist with a master's degree in composition, she wrote for film and stage before venturing into the world of cinematic pop. Now based in Nashville, Alexandra is churning out some of the industry’s most distinct forays into dance-infused pop music — born out of a classical taste for good production and a fearless drive to make a new sound in music.



CLOUD COVER is the ambient vision of producer/composer Matt Stanfield. His first love is piano, and Cloud Cover is a return to those roots. Writing on an old upright set in a quiet corner of his studio, Matt crafts each melody with an emotional journey in mind. Subtle. Emotional. Melancholy. Hopeful. Cloud Cover is the soundtrack of your life, wherever it might lead.


WAVE & ROME is a Nashville-based indie rock band led by Sam Tinnesz. The band was created after three years of searching and collaboration with co-writer and co-producer Josh Farro. Having been introduced by a mutual friend, Tinnesz and Farro found an instant creative bond in their musical crossroads. They bonded over a desire to depart from the limitations of any specific genre, leaving past influences and tastes behind.



THE UNCAGED SEA focuses on sweeping, atmospheric melodies and rhythms in an attempt to mine the deeper depths of instrumental music. Dreamy and beautiful, their songs tell a complex, wordless narrative, building note to note into a grand symphonic story.